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FDA: approve the drug domperidone for treatment of gastroparesis

Gastropasreis, also known as delayed gastric emptying, is a medical condition where the stomach does not contract normally, resulting in food remaining in the stomach for a longer period of time than normal. Normally, the stomach contracts to move food down into the small intestine for digestion within a short time of eating The vagus nerve controls the contractions in the stomach and gastroparesis may occur when the vagus nerve is damaged and the muscles of the stomach and intestines do not work normally. This results in food moving slowly through the digestive tract, causing a myriad of problems.  this life-threatening disease affects over 5 million Americans, and the only drug currently approved for treatment has a black box warning from the FDA warning of serious, permanent side effects. Domperidone is legal in Europe and Canada for gastroparesis and has less side effects. This drug would save the lives of many gastroparesis sufferers and greatly improve the quality of life for millions of others. I was diagnosed in October of 2012 and have been unable to eat solid food for nearly a year. I have constant pain, nausea, and have lost 70 lbs. Please ask the FDA to approve domperidone for treatment of gastroparesis so I and millions of others can enjoy life again.

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