FDA: Approve Pancreatic Cancer Treatment Ronovo

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Pancreatic cancer has limited treatment options and minimal survival rates. If there is a new drug option that is helping people live longer, why is the FDA not approving it? 

My mother-in-law Darlene was diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer last year. Our whole family was stunned by the diagnosis. She has 3 children and she's married to her high school sweetheart – the thought of losing her is devastating for all of us. Fortunately, she qualified for a clinical trial of Renovo.

She was given 8 doses of the Renovo treatment, but she is not eligible for more under the terms of the drug trials. Darlene was doing so great on this treatment. The side effects are minimal – that's why we want the FDA to approve this treatment for patients like her.

There are patients dying everyday that have not had the chance for this drug. Chemotherapy, the standard treatment, is not enough. Standard chemo and its side effects take the quality of life we want our loved ones to have. Help us fight for more people to get the opportunity to try the Renovo drug treatment.