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Monsanto and other petro-chemical companies bribe politicians for the right to poison us with disease and cancer causing pesticides sold to farmers. No one may die from eating one pesticided apple, but over decades of consumption these deadly and very bio-unfriendly chemicals cause disasterous medical conditions like alzheimers-like brain diseases, BREAST CANCER and other simular medical conditions. Cleaning the fruit/vegetables is not enough, the chemicals seep inside of them and enter our bodies where they are stored in fat cells of brain matter and breasts and promote deadly cancers and degenerative disease conditions. THERE IS AN EPIDEMIC OF BREAST CANCER and no one will blow the whistle on this monstrous outrage because of the big money pesticide peddlers pay to Congress. A Monsanto lobbyist was even appointed to the FDA!! Talk about putting a fox in charge of the hen house, this is it! Israel found that banning pesticides in their country led to a big reduction of breast cancer incident. WHY DO WE PUT UP WITH THIS?!!

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