FCCU Remove holds and cancel fines #StopHarassingYourStudents

FCCU Remove holds and cancel fines #StopHarassingYourStudents

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Progressive Students Collective started this petition to FCCU and

In light of recent change in FCCU policy towards fees and fines, We have decided to make a petition to have our voices be heard and recognized by the Admin.

Since mid-December, students have been bombarded with consistent emails that have become subject of much anxiety amongst the student body. Content of the emails almost completely deal with fines on late fees, method of paying fees and real time course registration being moved up.

1. In regards to the fines. The punishment for forcing students to pay Rs.5000 more for their inability to meet the deadline is nothing short of cruel as it puts excess pressure on the students, but does not solve the issue of fee itself. This causes distress amongst students and parents who find themselves in a difficult position.

2. Highlighted in the emails, FCCU has decided to reject IBFT and bank transfers, which are still present on the challan forms. Previously students choosing this method would directly email challan-designated email with proof of payment to have their fees recognized. As of late the administration is refusing to even reply to students.

The only other option for students outside the city is online banking, which itself is a hassle for those who come from remote areas without strong internet access.

3. Course Registrations have been moved up to 10th of January, while the current semester is scheduled to end later in February. This comes at a time when many students are put on account holds for not being able to meet the second last installment. Those on account holds cannot access university services nor register for courses. For those who are in their senior year, account holds at this time proves to be extremely inconvenient as it deprives them of the ability to get courses they require to finish their degree.

4. FCCU’s adamance to harass students with repeated emails is a trigger of anxiety and distress amongst students.

This petition demands that FCCU:

1. Stop sending excessive emails to stir anxiety amongst students.

2. Remove holds on the accounts of senior students prior to registrations so they may access courses to complete their degrees.

3. Delay final installment date to later in January or early February.

4. Adhere to Government policy of only 5% increase in fees annually.

5. Recognize and accept fee payments made in IBFT and bank transfers when university is closed for vacation or break.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!
At 1,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!