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Petitioning Chairman Julius Genachowski and 4 others

FCC, shut down these websites showing HORRIFYING videos, NOW!

As an 18 year old student, it is mortifying and utterly disgusting to hear about how some of my peers have seen videos of people being tortured and murdererd. A video of a lady getting her head cut off with a pocket knife, a video of 5 boys get their heads cut off with a machete, and plenty more are posted all over these websites. I cannot believe this kind of horrifying material is still on the internet and so easy for children or ANYONE, for that matter, to access. This kind of video is completely immoral, even if it is considered acceptable under the first amendment. Please sign this petition. This is something I feel very strongly about and I hope you do too.

Letter to
Chairman Julius Genachowski
Commissioner Mignon Clyburn
Comminssioner Robert McDowell
and 2 others
Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel
Commissioner Ajit Pai
I am horrified at what I have seen and heard. Never in my life would I think it was acceptable for videos of people being brutally tortured and murdered to be put on the internet for anyone, including children, to see. A video of a women on her knees popped up on my twitter lastnight. The opening picture was a man holding her hair back with a knife already cutting her throat open. I could not bring myself to watch any part of the video, but I know plenty of my peers who have. I could not sleep all last night and I have felt physically sick ever since I saw that picture. I am going to do whatever it takes to get these websites shut down and I will not be at ease until they are. Please take this into consideration, save others from seeing the terrible things that my peers and I are seeing. Thank you for your time.