Clear The Airwaves of Violence and Obscenities

Clear The Airwaves of Violence and Obscenities

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Clear Chicago Radio Airwaves of Violence and Obscenities

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and George Floyd uprisings, structural adjustments by government, corporations, organizations, and individuals are being made, or are at least being attempted. People everywhere are calling out injustice, anti-Black racism, and calling for reforms.

However, the lyrical content in music aired across commercial airwaves in major cities like Dallas, New York, Raleigh-Durham, Atlanta, and others continue to contain dangerous and obscene messages. These stations target urban youth with violent messaging 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year.

Chicago FM radio stations Power 92.3 and 107.5 have gone unchecked for over a decade. These commercial radio stations consistently and recklessly violate the FCC standards of decency with no regard for their influence on Chicago’s streets.

Today, even with the record number of shootings, murder, and even babies being killed in Chicago, these radio stations refuse to clean up their broadcasts.

We assert a direct correlation between these stations promoting street beef, shootings, violence, and sexually obscene lyrics on Power 92 and WGCI to the violence in our streets.

This is just a sample of some of the lyrical content being played on Crawford’s 92.3, iHeart’s 107.5, and other urban stations:


  • This Draco (gun) undefeated, hit your block and then I bleed it, go long, these bullets, he receive it (instruction or description of a drive-by shooting)
  • My Glock told me to promise, you gon squeeze me…soon as you up on that n***a, get to bustin’ (walk up to a rival, then shoot)
  • She [his mother] know what I do, she know before I run from a n***a, I’ma pull it out and shoot
  • My daughter a G, she saw me kill a n***a in front of her before the age of two and I’ll kill another n***a too
  • I put your face on the news, I put the p***y on the shirt after I murk, then make ’em go shoot up the hearse (murder victim covered in news stories, their grieving family and friends make t-shirts with their picture)
  • What’s your issue, if you got a trigger, squeeze it (bah, squeeze it), A whole block outside, its a street fest (directions on how and why to shoot into a crowd)
  • How many times you got shot? A lot. How many n****s you shot? A lot. How many times did you ride? A lot. How many n****s done died? A lot.

Gang beef: 

  • Couple blue (Gangster Disciples) hunnids (AK47s) with the stones (Blackstones), it’s bleedin (a shoot-out is in progress)…, ain’t no peace treaty, these stones around my Jesus, they ain’t treated, they got me heated, don’t play with the gang, they know that we undefeated 

Drug use: 

  • If I got a pint of lean, Ima sip, sip. (lean is a drink made with cough syrup for the codeine and/or promethazine)
  • I’m booted up off that molly, I cover my gun (molly is MDMA or ecstasy) 
  • Got Promethazine (sedative) in my blood and Percocet (highly addictive, prescription pain killer)

Verbal Porn: 

  • Shawty made that ass clap, she don’t need no applause (a stripper dance usually done naked) 
  • She a bad b****, eat the p***y like a spinach, she’ll suck d*** on the way to the dentist
  • Sucking on d**k no hands with it
  • Put my c*m in her p***y, now it’s wet

Clear the Airwaves Project conducted a recent survey of inner-city youth about the state of Black Music.

In that survey, we asked, “What percentage of music do you and/or your peers listen to that uses n***er? Refers to women as b’s and h*es? Brags about and encourages youth to shoot and kill each other?

The survey concluded that 85-90% of the music the participants listened to contained self-destructive lyrics.

Urban rap radio in Chicago is not improving the lives of our youth, they are promoting their destruction.

We cannot do this without your help. Join us in this fight to Clear the Airwaves.

We demand:

  1. An immediate end to the broadcasting of music with obscene, vulgar, and violent lyrics on radio stations 92.3, 107.5 in Chicago, and other stations across the U.S.
  2. All advertisers end their financial support of these stations
  3. The FCC revokes the licenses of these stations

Sign the petition now and help save the minds of our youth and the lives of our babies in Chicago and beyond.

Clear the Airwaves Project has been working to clean commercial radio for over ten years. 

Join us in the fight.

We cannot afford to lose another child.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 2,500!
At 2,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get picked up by local news!