Hold Verizon Accountable for Selling Unwanted Services and Misleading Ads

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Verizon has been misleading consumers.  Verizon has been described as "tricking" customers into plans and devices they do not want, or need.  Verizon has been selling unwanted plans to consumers.  Verizon has been using "good cop/bad cop" strategies which are confusing to consumers (See Case Stories below).  

For example, consumers are left thinking that $5/fees (which were not disclosed) to turn on "Safety Mode", are better than $90 of $75 of overage fees.  While it is reasonable to charge for extra features, it is unacceptable to make the "fine print" so "fine", that it is invisible.

Salespeople, and Verizon, should be held accountable for these practices. Verizon should issue full refunds and stop these practices of tricking and confusing consumers.  These practices must be stopped now, before they affect even more consumers, like you, your friends, and your family.

"When people steal from one person, that person might need to steal from another, who might steal from another.   Break the cycle."

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Here are some recent case stories:

Case 1: Consumer clearly states they can afford approximately $100/month in payments.   The salesperson offers several options, the consumer continues to reiterate that they can only afford $100, and slower speeds are not a problem.  Salesperson writes the ticket for a high end plan, tells the consumer they can pay for the activation fee in a month with the bill.  This results in the consumer not looking at the plan until the bill is sent.  Consumer is unable to establish the online account as directed, and goes into a store for assistance, where the consumer is shocked to see a bill of $646.64.  After spending two hours on the phone with Customer Care and the Financial Department, consumer is re-directed to the store.  The Store Manager blames the consumer for the contract.  The consumer states they will be contacting the Better Business Bureau.  The Store Manager responds: "Go ahead."

Case 2: Consumer states that Verizon tricked their mother and sold her a phone she did not want or need.

Case 3: Consumer is interested in using Verizon's services because they advertise that they no longer charge for overages.  Consumer receives a bill for $90 of overage fees.  Consumer is then informed that there is a fee of $5 per device to turn on the Safety Mode feature.

Case 4: Consumer transfers to a lower GB plan, after stating that they cannot afford the higher payment plan, emphasizing that they do not want to pay overages, and that they have come to Verizon because Verizon has advertised "No more overage fees".  Salesperson switches the plan for the consumer, does not activate the Safety Mode, and consumer is notified of $75 of overage fees.  Consumer calls Customer Care, requesting a fee reversal, stating that the Safety Mode was not turned on.  Customer Care states they can refund half of the fees.  Customer calls the Salesperson who set up the account.  Salesperson argues that it is the Consumer's responsibility to turn on the feature, and should "take the offer" for half of the fees to be paid by Verizon.


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