Support Native American Fight For Social Justice And Access To Lifeline Service

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On December 1, 2017, the FCC released a Tribal Lifeline Order eliminating the availability of Tribal Lifeline support for wireless resellers, who are the primary Lifeline providers in the United States and specifically on Tribal lands, without Consultation with the Tribes and without considering the impact on Tribal communities.  Approximately 70% of residents of Tribal lands are served by wireless resellers providing Lifeline service with many Tribal communities having no alternative wireless Lifeline options.    Consequently, the FCC Order will significantly harm residents of Tribal lands that rely on Lifeline service for their communications needs, including access to emergency services and important social, education, and economic services.

It is imperative for Tribes to make their voices heard by (i) supporting the Crow Creek Sioux Tribe Appeal of the FCC Tribal Lifeline Order, (ii) informing Congress that the FCC Tribal Lifeline Order needs to be overturned, and (iii) standing united against the oppressive and regressive actions that continue to harm Native Americans.   As Native Americans, we are cognizant of the constant fight for justice.

 While we support the fight by all minorities against discrimination, we ask “what about us.”

 While we support the fight by immigrants to be treated fairly, we ask “what about us.”

 While we support the fight against social injustice, we ask “what about us.”

 While we support efforts by Congress to take care of its constituents, we ask “what about us.”

 Let’s stand united and let Congress and the FCC know that we will no longer sit idly by.   Instead, we will fight for our rights, including our right to affordable Lifeline telecommunications services.  By signing or noting your support for this Call For Action, you will be sending a strong message to Congress and the FCC to do the right thing by overturning the Tribal Lifeline Order and thereby enabling residents to Tribal lands to gain access to affordable Lifeline service.

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