Take action against FC Pune City fans who attacked Kerala Blasters fans after the match.

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After the match against FC Pune City on Friday, fans of Kerala Blasters were beaten up severely by FC Pune City fans both inside and outside the stadium. It all started with some FC Pune City fans harassing some women fans of Kerala Blasters. The fans who questioned this were beaten up by them. Things even got worse when Kerala Blasters scored the winner at the dying minutes. When KBFC fans were celebrating, some Pune fans came there and started hitting KBFC fans. It continued even outside the stadium. According to some reports, all the Blasters fans who came out from the D2 gate were abused and beaten up by them. One person even got injured.

Sign my petition asking All India Football Federation, Indian Super League and the management of FC Pune City to take action against the offenders and make sure that such action doesn't take place in the future.