Sack Valverde & Early Elections

Sack Valverde & Early Elections

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It is absolutely unacceptable that during Messi's era, we have only won 4 Champions Leagues. Under Valverde, Barca has not only lost its identity and philosophy but also gets shameful results. It is absolutely unbelievable that Barcellona players waste time in order to avoid the opponents from scoring (Ter Stegen in the 2nd leg against AS Roma, Jordi Alba in the 1st leg against Liverpool). The fact that we lose two games with a 3 goal advantage in two consecutive years is not an accident. It just shows the defensive and foolish tactics of Valverde who thinks Barcelona is Atletico Bilbao. He even had the same experience at Bilbao in Europa League before he joins Barca (Bilbao Vs. Apoel). Therefore, we ask the board to sack Valverde immediately even before the Copa del Rey final game because NOBODY CARES ABOUT THAT TROPHY (Except Barca's Board Apparently)!!! 

We also call for an early election at the end of the season because this board has proven to be incompetent over the past 9 years (Russell - Bartomeu era). They have just know how to control the club financially but in terms of football they have made wrong decisions over and over again.

UPDATE**: BARCA JUST LOST Copa del Rey final and not only Valverde doesn't resign, he laughs and says we can get better. MORE SURPRISINGLY, the players and the board say they trust him and would like to work on next season. NEXT SEASON??? ANOTHER DISGRACEFUL SEASON??!!! GET THE HELL OUT OF THE CLUB!!!!!

Here's a list of their foolish decisions that has moved Barca away from its true identity:

  • Removing UNICEF and getting an sponsor for the first time in Barca's history!!!
  • Using horizontal stripes in the jersey for the first time because apparently the sponsors name was not visible to the viewers at home with the vertical stripes!!!!!!!!!
  • Planning to turn the stripes into squares for the next seasons from the pictures that are leaked online (as if Barca is Croatia)
  • Agreeing to play La Liga games (Barcelona Vs. Girona in Miami) just for a few extra $$$!!!!!
  • Destroying La Masia over the years to the point that it got relegated into the third division 
  • Buying incompetent players (lords!) over the years (No need to name them because we all know them!!!!!)
  • Planning to change the logo to make it more appealing internationally to get a few extra $$$!!!

Our message is very simple:

  • SACK VALVERDE because he simply does not fit Barcelona's philosophy
  • Call for an EARLY ELECTION at the end of the season because the fans have no confidence in the current board and management

¡Visca el Barça i visca Catalunya!

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