Get rid of Mr.Valverde, bench the older players and let the youth take over.

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FC Barcelona is in danger of losing its identity and the style of football that once "made it the best team in history". The team shows a clear lack of drive since most of the players have already won everything, some have even won the champions league 3-4 times. Making the same mistake AGAIN and losing to Liverpool by blowing a 3-0 lead was humiliating and a damn shame, showing neither the players nor the coach have learnt anything from the eerily similar loss to Roma from last season. 7 of the starting 11 are 30+ years old, and 2 of them that are not 30 yet are played out of position. Upper management needs to interfere, bring a manager more suited to the Barcelona way and not  let all the young talent and potential we have ( Puig, Cucurella, Semedo, Wague, Todibo etc) go to waste.