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Put D Dolan Ziegler Back on the Ballot

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D Dolan Ziegler was removed from his local Future Business Leaders of America for accusations of threatening the welfare of the group. He was called out for claiming his opponent is, "....not a great candidate" online. This made the school crop out his name for the junior vice president election and almost out of the organization completely. They also made him apologize for the incident and delete the 'offensive' messages. These actions were taken without the consent of the organization, as these actions were taken by the adult leader and administration.

There are several major issues with this decision. First of all, none of the statements were directly offensive or threatening. All were opinions, many of which have been shown to be popular ones within the group. Secondly, the opposing candidate and another leader in FBLA have been treating Ziegler on a lower level, and they are not punished because he reacted.

The last point that should be made is that a statement in the meeting between Ziegler and the administration. This one is very important to this case. They mentioned that this way of running in the election will, "split the group into other ones when they should be united." Many past and current members have accepted the idea that the group has been split for years. This could be divided between those who volunteer time and those who do not take much action. There are so many friend groups there that give everyone a different interest or reason to be there. It should also be mentioned that the idea of an election is to see which group is larger, and thus their ideals should be pursued. That is the point of a democracy or republic. Giving the election to someone because they are the later victim is not equal treatment.

If Ziegler's opinions were common, and even popular, why should he be punished for talking about them? What should happen to the other candidate and current leader? Is this fair? And most importantly for the future of the group, and even school, why hand off a position that basically guarantees them the right of being elected overall president and make huge decisions?

So many questions with so little time. The election is March 14th, and joining us now will make this a real election with another candidate. A one party election is a bias election.

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