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We want a new elections to USA! #stoptrump

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Trump is a danger for USA,

He wants to cut ecology, healthcare, immigration, liberties to USA....

He is friend with Russia and without Russia Hillary Clinton was elected.

He has rapped many little girls before his presidency.

The USA are the nation of the liberty, melting pot, progress.....

Donald Trump doesn't pay tax weras he does to pay lots of taxes to the americans.

He would be destitued with many chances for us.... but the congress is corrupt with the republicans, and the senate too.

Mike Pence has sent illegals mails wereas Hillary Clinton has sent legals mails.

We want a new presidential and parlimantar election in order to save the USA.

The USA mustn'nt to be led by a corrupt and any nation must'nt to be destroyed by the corrupt.

The USA must to show the good exemple. We invite Hillary and other goods politicians to run for White House.

Sign if you want to save the USA. Share and like our text to socials networks.

We are Onward Together France, our leader in France is Marianne-Ségolène Gindrey.

If you are french and you sign you join us!

Good luck,

Marianne-Ségolène Gindrey

Leader of Onward Together France


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