Petition update

The city is trying to snake out of doing their job!!!

Finally Home Humane Society

Jul 4, 2013 — Rose Adams court date has been moved to August, 9th, 2013 @ 8:30am, her traffic tickets have all "disappeared" plus the refusal to cooperate & the other dogs running at large. For most people if you get a ticket, or any criminal charge it stays on the state's website even if it is dismissed... but for some reason it doesn't work that way for this woman.

It seems the charges against George Beutler have been dropped which creates a whole new avenue for her to have animals, all she has to do now is say they are George's & she is cleaning out her motor home so she can keep her new dogs in there, in this summer heat, in a mold infested trailer.

For misdemeanor animal cruelty there is no provision that she can not live with dogs, she just can't "own" them.

We have got to send a clear message to this city & it's leaders that this will NOT be tolerated. Election time is getting near & I plan on making sure that something changes here


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