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Rose Adams & George Beutler's arraignment today

Finally Home Humane Society

May 16, 2013 — Rose & George had an in-custody hearing. Rose was not able to make it because she was in quarantine for "a lice problem" but George was there. George's bail was set at 2500.00 & Rose's bail was set at 1000.00 for each animal cruelty charge, EVEN THOUGH THE PROSECUTOR ASKED FOR A 5000.00 BAIL FOR EACH CHARGE. So it looks like the prosecutor is NOT the problem... but please remember THE JUDGE IS AN "ELECTED OFFICIAL" So George's bail is 2500.00 & Rose bail is 2000.00 + the 1500.00 bail she had for the other 3 charges already = 3500.00 dollars. That is what an animals pain, suffering & misery are worth to Judge Fair. Those screams that you heard from that video, the tears, the worry, the heartache, & sleepless nights were worth a MERE 2000.00. Rose has another hearing at 2pm on Monday May 20th, 2013 if she is still in custody otherwise it will be on Wednesday May 22nd if she is out of custody. Sadly no one but myself, Rose's son & his girlfriend showed today but the news was there too


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