FacePunch Studios and EAC Collaboration scamming must stop.

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Many times EasyAntiCheat has banned players based on data that cannot be provided to that player to better understand the reasoning behind the ban.

E.A.C is in collaboration with PunchFace Studios to actively enforce rules that they are not willing to follow themselves. A company should be dilligent about keeping their community safe and this one has turned rotten with deceit and false narratives. You get banned for a reason they deem bannable, regardless of proof- and are forced to deal with it. There is no appeal, this is a direct streamline into profit. A small price of $20 per purchase will accumulate as they ban players for any reason or no reason at all.

We the players demand someone to be held accountable. You loop the rules saying that a 3rd party is responsible for all bans while you have no access to the reports or logs. That is unacceptable. We demand a player by player basis on all reports instead of a widespread ban on 100s/1000s of players because of random glitch in the system. While said- such a ban from a widespread ban cannot be appealed and is upto EAC to reverse or not- under their desire to do so.

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