Criminal Charges for Travis & Greg McMichael in the murder of Black Jogger Ahmaud Arbery

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Ahmaud Arbery a black unarmed jogger was "profiled" and subsequently was involved in a FATAL encounter with Travis & Greg McMichael Brunswick, GA. 

Mr. Arbery was on a public property engaging in his regular activity of exercise.  He was minding his own business. Allegedly there were 911 calls that suggested a "a suspicious black man was running". 

We are waiting to see an official transcript of the call and want to see the official report from the investigation. 

The alleged suspects Travis & Greg McMichael were not charged with this murder & are free at this time.

Regardless of race, we the great United States of America cannot allow this type of attack, confrontation and subsequent murder of citizens. 

Although none of us were there, we have an obligation as human beings to disapprove of this savage hunt of citizens out for a jog, there should be a human rights investigation also.