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Arrest Tagg Romney for saying he would attack the US President

It is against the law to say you would attack the United States President. Tagg Romney said on public radio that he would attack the President because he called his dad a liar. Anyone else that said that would be in jail and made to pay for what he/she said. Just because this is the kid of someone running for President does not excuse them from the law!! His mother, Ann Romney, said that her husband has a temper, so I guess the kid, Tagg, takes after his father with having a temper too. Do you want his father who has a temper, to be the President and have his finger on the "button"? Regardless how we feel about the President, no one is allowed to get away with saying they would cause harm to the President of the United States. This is our Commander and Chief and they deserve respect. The FBI should arrest Tagg Romney and put him in jail regardless of who his dad is and how much money they have!

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