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Class action lawsuit vs TokenPay

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Token pay launched a token sale to promote their company. During the sale if you bought tokens at certain times you was given a bonus. Each token was about $5. During this time they took money from US residents for above sale. Since then they have decided not to offer services in the United States, and yet to issue refunds. They also have neglected to offer to pay the difference of the bonus tokens, or issue refunds in a timely manner while still taking people's money on tokens. We'd like the FBI to investigate their fraud, and individuals in each state affected Attorney General to also get involved and issue a class action lawsuit for refunds and damages caused by this. They also wish to supposedly refund but not at the rate people bought the tokens at. Also if you'd like to donate any amount of bitcoin to help with getting a lawyer to go after these corrupt individuals you can at the link below. Any money not used will go to an animal rescue. 


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