FBI and DOJ and state and local law enforcement to Investigate Elite Sex Trafficking Rings

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After investigating the Wikileaks emails involving the scandal known as "Pizzagate", we feel there is enough evidence to warrant the involvement of law enforcement agencies, both local, state, and national. To pursue the implications of powerful, rich people being involved in the assault and torture of children, we need all agencies to be involved and handled with care.We, the people, demand that this be investigated to the fullest extent of the law, irregardless of the names, both small and great that are seemingly involved. Many internet researchers have spent hours uncovering all the angle involved. This research is readily available to any law enforcement officer interested in stopping this heinous activity.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this and investigate all possibilities. If one of these possibilities is the serious allegation of using children for sexual and occult purposes, this absolutely needs to be investigated. In order to restore the good faith and trust of the American people in these law enforcement offices, we need to know that something is and will be done about this.


P.S. I have provided links for anyone who wants to know more about the situations that occur. An organization called A21 is dedicated to helping those victims get out of the life and be free.