Scrap your animal cruelty coverage

Urge FBD Insurance to stop providing coverage to those involved in some of Ireland's worst acts of cruelty to animals. An IFA Countryside/FBD Insurance package is providing cover to foxhunters, hare coursers and terriermen who are responsible for horrendous suffering and death to wildlife.


Ask FBD Insurance to stop insuring those involved in animal cruelty and scrap its hunting/coursing/terrierwork insurance package. If FBD's association with bloodsports would make you choose an alternative insurance company, please make this clear in your correspondence.

Andrew Langford
Group Chief Executive
FBD Insurance
Bluebell, Dublin 12

Tweet a complaint to FBD: @fbd_ie
Tel: 01 409 3200 or Lo-call 1890 617 617

This petition will be delivered to:
  • FBD Insurance
  • Andrew Langford, CEO
  • Maura Dillon

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