We want Free night & Weekend Parking in Downtown Fayetteville

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GOOD NEWS UPDATE: The City Council has agreed to FREE parking on Saturdays as of July 10, 2019 by not enforcing Saturday parking on nonevent days. Council made this agreement out of session but will work more in August. Read the UPDATE which features the Fayetteville Observer article.

Our leaders have listened to you. This is one of what we hope to be many positive steps forward to prevent unnecessary regulation of free access to our downtown.

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ORIGINAL PETITION:  The Fayetteville City Council has voted to implement all paid parking everyday  Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm. We think this will negatively impact the small downtown businesses that for 20 years have invested and built up our downtown.  

We especially believe that implementing all paid parking during evenings and Saturdays will hinder people and their families from coming to our art venues and museums, restaurants and cafes, the Farmers Market and from attending parties and celebrations at our many venues.

We are NOT against paid event parking in some lots during baseball games. We love our baseball team and stadium and recognize the need for some paid lots that are actually being used. However, most lots east of Ray Avenue stand empty. We  believe that the length of event parking should be limited to 1 hour before the baseball game and end 1/2 hour after the baseball games.

Please sign this petition, and share it, for limiting the number of event paid parking and hours and for free evening and Saturday parking in support of all the downtown businesses, restaurants, museums and venues you love.