Protect our schools and neighborhood!! Say NO!! to commercial greed!!

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Our city, and especially this community surrounding Stoney Point Elementary School and Jack Britt High School, is at a pivotal point - we are growing rapidly in terms of residential and commercial development.  The planned outer loop freeway is going to bring the I-95 corridor into our backyards, literally.  Developers are greedily salivating to get in on the action, with little to no regard for our community. 

There is currently a rezoning petition on its way to Fayetteville City Council to clear the 16 acres of tree-and-field filled area wedged between Stoney Point Elementary school and the Wendemere Neighborhood, at the intersection of King/Lakewood and Stoney Point/Rockfish Rds (see map above).  The plan is to make way for yet another grocery store.  Currently, there is a CVS across the street from this area, a Harris Teeter grocery store also across the street, and a Food Lion less than a mile down along Rockfish Rd.  There are a wealth of commercial units and a range of existing retail and services available in the Traemoor Village center, with some units still vacant.  There are also existing vacant plots of land waiting for commercial development along King Road, Rockfish Road and Stoney Point Road.  Our community has ZERO NEED for another commercial lot and another grocery store in this location.

We want to STOP THIS MADNESS of uncontrolled urban sprawl before our community, and Rockfish Road in particular, turn into another Fayetteville eyesore like sections of Raeford Road, Hope Mills Road, or Ramsey Street.  We want to keep our elementary school and high school surrounded by fields and trees, not concrete parking lots.  Help us fight commercial greed, fight for a say in how our community develops, and, most importantly, keep our children safe from urban sprawl encroaching on their schools.

It is well-documented that the I-95 corridor is a sex-trafficking corridor.  It is well documented that the City of Fayetteville has a bad problem with underage sex trafficking.  We do not want to our children walking through commercial parking lots to get to and from school.  We do not want to see the Food Lion on Rockfish Rd turn into a failed, vacant for our kids to travel through.  We want to see existing vacant commercial plots with their ugly, desperate, advertising signs being developed BEFORE more land is cleared.  If not, how long before families stop coming to this neighborhood for the safety, peace, and great schools??  How long before our school district is not so great???  What about traffic??  What about the fact that we are prone to flooding?? 

These are not new objections and opinions raised here.  Cumberland County has spent much time, money, and effort developing land use plans - the 2030 Growth Vision, the 2010 Cumberland County Land Use Plan, and the 2013 Southwest Cumberland Land Use Plan ALL recommend against commercial encroachment, placing priority on developing sidewalks, infrastructure, and community facilities.

The Fayetteville City Zoning commission (chaired by Ben Stout of Stout Construction), voted to allow the rezoning to go through. We have another chance to stop it, by letting the City Council hear our voices NOW before it's too late.  Sign this petition to show you care about how our community develops for the sake of all families in the area.  Let's keep this a desirable area by making it clear that we will not roll over to commercial greed!!  Let's shift this twisted focus on commercial tax dollars back to the families, the children, the schools, the land that makes us so unique.

Please stand with us.  Thank you.




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