Suspension of Sheriff Vernon P. Stanforth

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This is a petition to request that Sheriff Vernon P. Stanforth  be suspended and investigated for dereliction of duty, improper handling of evidence and failure to follow protocol concerning the investigation of the death of Mackenzie Taylor Branham in 2006. Vernon Stanforths failure to get witness statements, collect DNA evidence, by not following proper arson and homicide procedures, improper handling of  key evidence that has been destroyed or is now missing, along with failing to properly investigate those who were at the home the night of the fatal fire, has severely hindered the investigation and has allowed those responsible for Mackenzies death to avoid prosecution for nearly 12 years. 

This is the list of missing or destroyed evidence .

Clothing , tank top , panties, 2 socks
Ladder 10" wooden
Tapes 2 of Mary Ann's stories
Hair from Mackenzie head
Many documents
DNA = white male contaminated 6 years later 
Fayette county who dropped the ball.
Now what they didn't do .
No photos of scratch on Kennys hand
No computer
No phone records
No truck brought in for evidence
No interviews with witness
No collecting of evidence at scene
No photos at autopsy by fayette county detectives
No DNA collected from people at the house the night of the fire
No collecting of their clothes

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