Mask Mandates In Schools Are Unethical. FCSC Must Protect Our Children's God Given Rights.

Mask Mandates In Schools Are Unethical. FCSC Must Protect Our Children's God Given Rights.

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Melissa Rose started this petition to Scott Collins, Superintendent Fayette County School Corporation, Board of School Trustees and

As parents of students who attend public school in Fayette County, we feel the immediate necessity to stand against any further removal of our children's God given rights. 

Students should not be required to wear a mask in the school buildings, in order to attend in good standing. Unfortunately, as of 9/2/2021, FCSC school board ruled in favor of masking in the classrooms, in order to avoid the forced quarantine of students who have had "close contact" with someone who tested positive for Covid-19.

*School Board Meeting 9/2/2021

*Executive Order 9/1/2021

While we are glad that more children will be able to attend in-person learning, we are strongly disappointed by Gov. Holcomb's most recent mandates. He is clearly manipulating and coercing Indiana school boards through the threat of quarantining healthy students, in the absence of a school mask mandate.  

We must stand against this as parents and members of the community. We ask that school staff, administrators and our school board members would please join us in reaching out to the Governor, to express that this community wants to leave our children's health decisions up to their parents. 

The most important, immediate, action that we can all take, is to write to and/ or call Governor Holcomb, to demand that he would stop this manipulation. Governor Holcomb should issue an updated order that will hand over authority for all protective measures to each individual county.

Feel free to copy any paste any paragraphs or studies from this petition into your email to the Governor!

*Contact Governor Holcomb

Now that a mask mandate has been issued in Fayette County, we reserve the right to hold our children exempt, in writing. We, as parents, will exercise our legal authority over our children's medical care.

*Father Demonstrates that OSHA deems masked oxygen levels to be unsafe!

"Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden"

When children are forced to wear a mask:

They don't have the choice to breathe fresh air, and maintain optimal oxygen levels.  There are no strict rules about mask hygiene and mask storage, so children are wearing a mask that may be touched constantly, worn repeatedly, and exposed to several other bacteria ridden surfaces, throughout the day. Wearing masks for an extended period has been shown to result in adverse effects. They foster a damp, dark environment, where bacteria thrive. It's also important to remember that cloth masks are not sufficient to block the tiny aerosol particles from respiratory viruses.  


"Disgusting Discovery: 2 Moms Send Kids' Masks to Lab for Analysis, Learn How Dangerous They Really Are"

“Moisture retention, reuse of cloth masks and poor filtration may result in increased
risk of infection. Penetration of cloth masks by particles was almost 97% and medical masks 44%.”

"If protection against airborne organisms is required, an N95 respirator or better
should be used, as currently recommended by the CDC and WHO guidelines for SARS prevention.”

Students who suffer with anxiety are being forced to magnify those overwhelming feelings. Students who suffer with depression, abuse, or neglect will not be seen and noticed for the feelings that are written on their face, as a sign for someone to reach out and help them. Teens who struggle with acne are having that difficult health condition made so much worse.  

Students are being deprived of the ability to make optimal human connections by matching and mirroring each other and their teachers. Our children deserve to benefit from the High Emotional Intelligence that develops directly from sharing emotion through facial expressions. Sharing big smiles and lots of laughs with each other greatly enhances the joy and connection our children feel. Moments like these teach kids the crucial skills that will help them to thrive in adult life. When they are frustrated or sad, they will see empathy from others and feel comforted. Seeing the happy faces of their teachers helps them to become more engaged in their education and to feel less isolated from the group.  

We cannot allow our children's health to be compromised, simply because we refuse to stand against what we know to be wrong. 

We ask that the school board would overturn these rules that we, as parents, absolutely disagree with. We believe that the majority of parents and students agree that a mask mandate is not ethical. We contend that cloth masks, worn outside of a clinical setting, are not helpful or worth the health risks. 

*Mother asserts parental rights for informed consent involving the use of medical devices

We would like to have discussions about what scientifically proven methods can be used to improve public health. Our schools could implement more health and fitness initiatives, to help boost immune systems naturally and help students to live longer& healthier lives. Comorbidities are a huge issue that can't continue to be ignored.

One suggestion we have would be to advertise the immense benefits of supplemental vitamin D related to respiratory viruses. The Health Department could, potentially, even distribute Vitamin D to families who can't cover the cost.  

*5 risk factors for Covid, your probably not hearing

"Evidence that Vitamin D Supplementation Could Reduce Risk of Influenza and COVID-19 Infections and Deaths"

"Impact of Obesity on Influenza A Virus Pathogenesis, Immune Response, and Evolution"

In closing:

We have to take a stand now, for what we know to be just and right. Fayette County schools have to be an example to other school systems around us, and ones all over the country. Let's choose bravery over fear! We can voluntarily practice low risk, high reward interventions, as opposed to requiring the unnecessary use of face masks in a healthy population.

Below, there is a link to several scientific studies, as shared by Dr. Seth Gerlach. Also, you can follow these links to podcasts, where you will find more information that is not being shared in the mainstream. Please feel free to reach out for even more resources.

*America’s Frontline Doctor, Jeff Barke, MD, discusses the science and studies behind the dangers of reinstating mask mandates, particularly in schools.

*Here you'll find several factual resources, as shared by Dr. Seth Gerlach.

*Exercise drops odds of being infected and dying, Scientists find. 

*Dr. Tyna Moore interviews Dr. Seth Gerlach. He is a freedom fighting, functional medicine doctor and chiropractor in St. Louis, MO, who has been vocal on the topic of mask mandates.



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