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Petitioning Board Member Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao and 6 others

Fayette County Board of Education: Reconsider the funding cuts of the Fine Arts programs of the schools.

The future of Fayette County's Fine Art school programs rests on the students and their parents voicing their opinion. These cuts will decimate both band and orchestra programs as well as eliminate the 5th grade band/orchestra programs. These programs are one of the most successful aspects that Fayette County has to offer and will be heavily impaired if these funding cuts are passed. Sign our petition and save our Fine Arts!

Letter to
Board Member Dr. Mary Kay Bacallao
Board Member Dr. Barry Marchman
Interim Superintendent Mr. Dan Colwell
and 4 others
Deputy Superintendent Mr. Sam Sweat
Board Member Mr. Leonard Presberg
Chair Mrs. Marion Key
Vice Chair Dr. Bob Todd
Please reconsider the funding cuts of the Fine Arts programs of the schools. If these cuts are put in place, the Fine Arts programs will be absolutely decimated and we will lose something that makes Fayette County stand out amongst the others. These changes are unacceptable and we, as the students and the parents that will be affected by this, will not allow this to happen!

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