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Marriage of the LGBT community in religious ceremonies

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A national issue going on in the world today, and for the past years, is discrimination of the LGBTQ community. Before 2015, same sex marriage wasn’t allowed, causing a lot of controversy in the LGBTQ community. However, as of today it is now legal for same sex marriages to take place, on the other hand, even though its lawful, some religions still oppose to the idea, including the refusal to marry same sex couples. Making the LGBTQ community feel like minorities and alienated in a bad way, as well as the church even using the own bible to prove their point on why same sex marriage shouldn’t take place. We can’t change the religious views of the church but we ask for them to find it in their heart to support same sex marriage. We don’t have any financial benefits out of this, only equality for the LGBTQ community.     


The intended target and recipient for this petition is those who strongly believe in equality, but mainly those that are teens and adults. I feel as if they are the ones that have the ability to spread the most awareness to the problem we have going on. I am hoping that my target audience will be the type that is able to have an open mind and understand the discrimination that is occurring in our society these days. Our secondary audience will probably be all those with free time on their hands or that wanna help a cause that is around to make things fair for everyone. After all, America may be an extremely developed country compared to many others, but if you think about it, when it comes to our choices, our laws, discrimination, and full equality, we still have much more to work on.


  Trusting one another has always been hard for everyone and trying to convince other people on what we must change has always been difficult too. We can demonstrate credibility by speaking up for those who are scared to stand up for their rights and showing those that are against it that everyone is human and we are all the same. Another thing is bringing up our past experiences and showing them what we go through, that they aren’t alone and we are here to help them overcome their struggle. As well as showing the emotional effects on the lives of the LGBTQ community.


 The purpose of this petition is to stop the discrimination against LGBTQ citizens in the United States. Citizens today have the right to get married and be together. Yet, are denied services of marriage and religious ceremonies. With the right of religion, there should be a limit to what you have the right to do, because not enacting ceremonies for couples, due to the fact they are gay, is discrimination and it is a violation of their right to pursue happiness. People throughout America are being  depressing by people that just don’t comprehend that they’re pre-judging people for loving others.


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