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Restore Father Peter to Full Honor and Remove the "Horribles"

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We, the undersigned, would like Father Val Peter to be allowed to freely return to his home, the campus of Boys Town in Omaha, where he dedicated his life by being devoted to helping children.  We want him to be treated with full honor and respect by having the blackball removed from him and being restored the access of being allowed back on campus and to freely talk to whom he wishes without governance. We furthermore want Father Peter's letter below to be addressed and consequences stated within reversed.  We stand with Father Peter and want his legacy to be all of the good he has done in the lives he has helped save and change with his lifetime of work at Boys Town.  We come against this attack on him, we show him our support and gratitude for all he has done, we thank God for him, and we pray for him.

Father taught us "He ain't heavy, he's my brother."  And now he needs us to help carry his voice forward and demand this situation be changed. 

"You are my sunshine.  My only sunshine.  You make me happy when skies are grey. You never know dear how much I love you.  Please don't take my sunshine away."

 I am asking you to join me in praying for Father Peter, Father Boes, and the entity of Boys Town as it continues to stand as a symbol of hope for many families and children.  


Now for some important news. This is stuff I hope you will pay attention to
and share with alumns and others. PUT THIS ON SOCIAL MEDIA SO ALL KNOW THE STORY.

It was Friday, March 24 at 11a.m. A call came for me to go to a meeting in
Fr. Boes conference room. I entered and there sat Fr. Boes, the Chancellor Deacon Tim McNeil and a witness. The Deacon handed me a letter from the Archbishop saying Fr. Boes wanted me no longer at Boys Town “for reasons” and so the Archbishop was ending my assignment today”.

I was shocked and asked for “the reasons”. Fr Boes pulled papers from his pocket and started reading. When I asked for a copy, I was told you get no copy so I took notes. Why must you (I) go?

1) You pushed a kid in the sacristy. (It did not happen) 
2) You were preparing to do an exorcism on a student. (not true)
3) You were driving dangerously on campus. (There are no witnesses and no evidence).
4) You committed a most grievous violation of Catholic Canon Law by distributing unconsecrated hosts at Sunday Mass. (This was
demonstrated to be false).
5) You used coarse language at a Booster lunch. (I asked the Booster if she was really offended and she said no).

(Sometime later the Archbishop saw these were lies and canceled the letter).

Then suddenly I realized this is an AMBUSH. I was being set up. Yes, being set up…no warning, just anger…crazy. And it was being done by Fr. Boes, a successor of saintly Fr. Flanagan. What a shock. What a disappointment. I couldn’t believe it. How horrible.
And the holy deacon was an accomplice. Have both of you no shame?
And I was handed a letter from Fr. Boes: You may no longer interact with
kids and employees. This was all planned in advance, Wow!

To show you how all this was orchestrated, I left the office and in half an hour it was publicly announced on radio, TV and nationally that 
Fr. Peter is leaving BT…retiring.” At 2:30pm all kids were called to the Music Hall and told “Fr. Peter is retiring immediately.” That was from the head of Home Campus Operations. It was followed by Jonna Wrice warning that if Father Peter tries to talk to a youth or staff, or enter a home, police are to be called and he is to be arrested. A high ranking staff person, whom I thought was a friend, called that night and told me to “take the high ground.”

I thought to myself…I was ambushed…lies were told about me…and
kids were told to avoid me and be afraid of me and I am supposed to “take
the high ground.” It turns out that so called friend was part of the ambush.

It got worse. On Sunday Fr. Boes spoke at all Dowd Chapel Masses.
He told them all that the schedule I set up for Holy Week was a deliberate violation by Fr. Peter of the bishop’s rules but he rectified it and the bishop was happy he did. That was a lie. The week before I sent Fr. Boes the schedule I had set up for Holy Week and he approved it saying “excellent”. So the sermon was a deliberate mistruth…a lie.

Now comes what I call a “parade of horribles”, harassing words and actions that were repeated over and over again including:

-being kicked off campus
-telling the student body to avoid me…don’t talk to him…don’t let him come to your house…he is dangerous
-locking me out of my office and making me stand in the cold for long periods to unlock
-censoring my letters


-cannot go to any building on campus except hospital, clinic…
-cannot go to visitor center
-cannot enter Dowd Chapel 
-other items including “losing my mail”


So in July I went to the brightest lawyer in Nebraska, James Martin Davis who is a friend of mine and asked him to review all this material and give me both legal opinion as to any remedies or courses of action and some wisdom. He produced a 16-page letter which I took to the reporters
at the Omaha World Herald on Tuesday. It was a two hour interview. I asked them to “go public” The article should be in the paper next Sunday.

I need to go public because my private appeals to Fr. Boes to remove
the horribles were not successful. Then several high placed persons also
went privately to Fr. Boes and were denied. That is why with no success
my present appeal is public….through VARIOUS MEDIA. Abraham Lincoln
said, “If you trust the American people, they will return the compliment.”
I believe if we go public many people will join in a public outcry:

-It is wrong to lie about someone because you have power. It is an offense against God’s commandments.
-It is wrong to make kids not trust
- It is wrong to hurt Fr. Flanagan’s mission.
- Do not be overcome by evil but overcome evil by doing good (St Paul to the Romans)

Fr. Boes is not the main perpetrator. His closest associates are and I don’t believe he devised all these “horribles”. But he did sign off on them. 

What am I asking for? The goal is not to return to the status quo.The goal is to remove all the horribles or at least the worst of them. The horribles are about 20% of everything I was doing for Boys Town before the horribles arrived. Some 80% of my former routine will not be part of my future (Mass at Dowd Chapel, etc) Let us give the kids good examples.

Why didn’t you leave earlier during all these years? I did not know I
was overstaying during all those years! Even Fr. Boes praise was
persistent…To blame me is to blame the victim. Fr. Boes had plenty of
chances to say something to me during all those years…he did not.

Let me ask a favor...Please spread this news to as many alumns
as you can. How about Facebook and other social media? Ask Boys Town to remove ALL the horribles. His private phone # is 531-355-1640.

How about writing me a letter? I will share it with Fr. Boes. My email is Or call at 402-213-4707.

You can also write Fr. Boes a letter at Fr. Boes, Executive Director, Boys Town NE 68010.

Old Father Peter

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