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 the people of tan y grisiau need a new exchange for high speed fiber optic broadband . That means new exchange closer to Hafan deg and closer to the houses in the Surrounding area of the Estate. The underground cable is currently copper so hiģh speed fiber optic internet will not give u maximum high speed we require currently the fiber is like ADSL speeds around the 8mbps and 12mbps download. Fiber optic speed is 38mbps to 80mbps depending on distance from the Exchange.. we are sick of having slow connection speeds and we the people want it Sorted. 


Broadband in Tanygrisiau
The fastest broadband available in the Tanygrisiau area is 76 Mbps (depending on distance from exchange)
Fibre broadband
Virgin Media Fibre broadband
Not Available
To get an overview of the avalabilty of broadband in Tanygrisiau and its surrounding area we have set out in the map below all the exchanges in a 5 mile radius of a central point in Tanygrisiau indicating which exchanges are configured to provide fibre broadband.

There are 3 exchanges in a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau and currently 3 of these exchanges are fibre enabled.

For homes within a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau there is good news but also bad news when it comes to fibre broadband availability. The good news is that fibre broadband is available to homes within a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau. Exchanges in the area, which are owned and maintained by Openreach, have been fibre broadband enabled and as a consequence of this broadband providers who are reliant on Openreach's broadband network infrastructure (BT, Plusnet, Sky, TalkTalk, etc.) will be able to provide fibre broadband to homes within a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau. The bad news is that unfortunately, even though Virgin Media’s fibre broadband network coverage is growing on a daily basis currently its fibre broadband network does not extend to homes within a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau and as such Virgin Media fibre broadband is not available in Tanygrisiau. Therefore the maximum headline speed available within a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau is 76 Mbps.

There are mitigating circumstances where you might not be able to get fibre broadband even if the local exchange is fibre broadband enabled. For reasons as to why this may be the case please read this detailed explanation.

Of course if you don’t have a need for speed then ADSL broadband is available in Tanygrisiau with its maximum headline speed of 17 Mbps.

The broadband deals we have presented to you below are specific to within a 5 mile radius of Tanygrisiau. This is a great help to get an overview of the types of broadband deals and broadband speeds that are available in the Tanygrisiau area but broadband availability can be varied within this 5 mile radius.


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