Fast track Ukraine to European Union ����

Fast track Ukraine to European Union ����

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!

Why this petition matters

Started by emma ferris

We are asking the European Union =

Under the dreadful circumstances that unfolded the death and destruction we have watched with our own eyes we think the rules should be changed.

We the world think the  ukrainian president has proved more than any other country in the world ever he stands with his country this is so hard to stand by and watch children and families being killed we can't stand by and watch him destroy this country. Anf am sorry but who has got the best president in the world Ever lose so many of his civilians. We all probably have children and we wouldn't want people to stand and watch so please sign and show your support for Ukraine.

Plus Mr Putin has to stop bullying counties because he has a habit of doing this and the more he's being left to get away with this the more countries he thinks he can invade.

How many more deaths are we going to see while you follow the rules when he is not. 

So are we just going to leave a country to be took over because next time it could be one of us. Now the general public have showed there support by going over to fight for them now its the higher powers who need to do the rest.


Please sign this petition to help get Ukraine fast tracked to EU membership.

We stand with ukraine 

We stand with Ukraine  now show you do ����

13 have signed. Let’s get to 25!