Better alternative to cope up with ineffective online classes.

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Regarding the COVID-19 and the possible extension of holidays, We are requesting the management to come up with a better solution to cope up with ineffective online classes.

Some of the points to be noted as follows:

1. Some teachers and many students never showed up for classes.
2. These classes were not taken seriously as students were constantly removing each other from the meeting (Google meet) and in one case the teacher got frustrated and left herself when the students started drawing on the screen (Zoom), apparently authority had been given to the students perhaps by default or the teachers forgot to disable this option.
3. Classes have been very unproductive, and extremely unfruitful as classes ended early due to issues from both the student's or teacher's side, not only regarding non serious attitude of some students but because it was hard for the teachers to teach like this as well. Many things were left unclear due to the lack of communication as well (bad internet connection in some cases) etc.
4. It should also be noted that students have paid the fees for resources in the university like labs, classes, sports/gym activities and we are unable to utilize them so this puts us at a heavy loss.
5. The FAST university is not an online university and the teachers are not trained to conduct online sessions neither they have the means required to conduct a suitable online session. 

We hope you will take into consideration what has been stated and come up with a solution that is better and fruitful for both faculty and students.