Revert the decision of undescribed CLUB FEE in FAST-NU KARACHI CAMPUS

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This petition is addressed to the Director of a premiere educational institution in Pakistan, FAST-National University of Computers and Emerging Sciences.

Students enrolled in FAST-National University come from all socio-economic backgrounds. Already many of the students find it difficult to pay the high tuition fees, and some have to resort to loans and are forced to work on part–time jobs. The yearly increase in tuition fee for all batches is acceptable but the club charges of around Rs 1,500 has been added to our fee challans and these charges are not described.

This is why we, students of FAST-National University, ask the respected Director of FAST - National University Karachi, Dr. Haseena Khatoon, to take due consideration of problems faced by students when paying fees, and revert the decision to take the club fee as there is an increase in tution fee and point fee too. We have completely accepted the new fee policy except the club fee charges.


With the new Fee Policy for 2018-2019(current academic year) in effect, excluding miscellaneous charges, a current student with 17 credit hours and Rs 7,100 per credit hour and a point fee of Rs 17,875 is already paying the following:

Tution fee + Point charges + Tax

Batch 18
=> Rs 150,375/- per semester

All other batches
=> Rs 143,575/- per semester

The additional undescribed club charges are just adding up the inconvenience for students as we also have to pay for all the annual events like Annual dinner, Beach party, Annual Party, Workshops, Seminars, Membership fees etc.

We look forward to the Director of FAST-NU taking necessary measures to revert the decision of taking club fees.


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