Stop the use of Sweatshops

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Baptist World Aid Australia’s 2018 Ethical Fashion Report, was a study conducted to grade popular clothing brands and help consumers make ethical decisions when purchasing clothing. The report is based on 4 key factors: policies, knowing your supplier, auditing & supplier relationship and worker empowerment. The reason a number of our favourite brands received low grades is due to the lack of worker empowerment. Many companies use sweatshops, which are run under working poor working conditions with long hours of labour for below minimum wage.

The 2013 Rana Plaza building collapse is proof that there is no worker empowerment from businesses, as employees weren’t even given the simplest basic rights. These people were working in a building where the infrastructure was unsafe, and nothing was done about it. As a result 1,100 workers, including women and children, died. As a consumer, we are indirectly responsible for the mass murder of these people, as we are the ones allowing business to continue producing clothing in an unethical way.

I am personally making an attempt to contact some companies which use sweatshops. By signing this petition you are showing your support on the matter and helping put an end to the use of sweatshops.