Transparency of the Food Industry in their Commercial Advertisements

Transparency of the Food Industry in their Commercial Advertisements

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In our economy, notably in the food industry, food advertising is extremely significant. It's one of the ways they're able to get more people to buy their products and make more money. The only issue is that the majority of food firms advertise their products in a different way than what we received. We may think it is a minor issue, but when we consider the consequences, we can see how it may wreck and destroy one's life, especially in terms of health. 

We see really exquisite and tasty things on the menus every time we dine at a fast-food establishment. As a result, we order whatever we want without thinking about what will be presented on the table. Because of this, we now consume an excessive amount of unhealthy food. The majority of us are only aware of the product's appearance and taste because we are blinded by it. Younger children, aged 8 to 18, consume several types of media (often simultaneously) and spend more time (44.5 hours a week) in front of computer, television, and game screens than they do anything else except sleep according to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA). Also, according to research, increased promotion for non-nutritious meals has been linked to higher rates of childhood obesity.

As the epidemic continues to spread to many low- and middle-income countries, particularly in urban areas, the World Health Organization (WHO) has designated kid obesity as "one of the most important public health challenges of the twenty-first century" (WHO, 2020). As a result, we need to act on this issue since the obesity epidemic in children is a critical public health issue that increases morbidity and mortality, as well as has significant long-term economic and social consequences. For the preservation of children's rights, it is critical to address the global problem of food advertising.

Ads are everywhere. Specific actions must be implemented to gradually stop the harmful effects of food advertisements. Like Taiwan they implemented unhealthy food advertising limits for kids under 12 years old. Dedicated television channels for children cannot broadcast advertisements of foods exceeding set fat, sodium, and sugar content limits from 5 pm to 9 pm. With this simple implementation the risk can be lessened. Many children will be protected and they can be healthier. But it will be more helpful if we spread and educate others all throughout the world. By supporting this petition, we can surely help and protect our children. Great achievements start at simple things. So, sign this now and share to spread the help to everyone.

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