End Racist Culture at FIT

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We, the students of FIT, have long been witnesses to or victims of the racist environment that the administration has allowed to cultivate at our university. However, we can no longer rely on said administration to repair it and therefore we are calling for a change one more time. 

We are requesting that FIT requires proper racial sensitivity training by expert professionals for faculty and begins an extensive investigation of racial issues within faculty and their relations to students, not only on their anti-black sentiments but those against all minority populations at FIT. This needs to include education on and examination of micro-agressions, insensitive or inappropriate language, implicit and explicit bias, and whatever else the chosen experts deem necessary. Upon this review, which needs to include significant amount of reports from students on their experiences (and there are more than enough), any professor that is found to repeatedly express racist sentiments and bias towards students (and faculty) must have their position within the university terminated. 

Further we require a reexamination of the curriculums. An increased inclusion of historical POC designers and influential figures in the fashion industry is crucial, as well as highlighting significant issues among praised designers (eg: Coco Chanel being a known Nazi etc.) As a design student, I personally cannot lay out these demand for other majors, but similar measures need to be taken across all majors within the university.

Lastly, we are strongly suggesting the resignation of president Joyce Brown due to her completely inadequate leadership. She has failed to not only represent FIT through it’s recent scandals but to also implement any sort of change or even properly show an attempt. She has showed us that her focus is on appearances and not the students' best interests. We, the students, have been repeatedly disappointed and let down with her leadership and believe she should quit and make way for a new president to try and make much needed reforms within the university.

We are done waiting for change.