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Growing up in a world driven by instant gratification, where we are surrounded by endless goods and resources, it is understandable why individuals fall into the trap of supporting companies that employ tactics of 'fast fashion' and exploit those less fortunate. However, today we call you to action! Take a minute to stop and truly focus while reading this article which will educate you on how to #slowdownfashion to ensure that you are wearing ethical brands that don’t exploit everyday people.


Fast fashion is an issue which has been seen to be rapidly increasing, with sales growing over 20% in the last 3 years. There are over 60 million individuals who are employed to work in these conditions most of which come from poverty stricken rural-areas.

A documentary which brings light to the issue of these poor environmental work conditions is "The True Cost". This documentary was released after the factory collapsed in Bangladesh, and drew attention to the real cost of the fast fashion industry – the taking of innocent lives all because the maintenance of buildings was not ensured correctly for a safe workplace environment – something that we all take for granted in our day-to-day jobs. Another sad reality that this documentary shared was the fact that these people who work in the factories are earning the equivalent of $10 a month. Elizabeth Cline, author of 'Overdressed: The shockingly High Price of Cheap Fashion' comments that “Less than 10% of what we’re wearing . . . was made in factories where people were paid a living wage and working in safe and legal conditions.” As you can see while fast fashion sector may seem attractive to us at the buying end,


HOW do you feel about contributing to exploitation or even death?


A study conducted by De Pelsmacker in Europe found that 50% of people claim that they are willing to buy clothing at a higher price in exchange for the promise of ethical practices, however, the results reveal that less than 1% of individuals actually implement this mindset.



We are calling individuals to take a stand! if you buy products that you know are made under unethical conditions please hashtag '#slowdownfashion' along with the brand to show that we want change and to notify these brands TO CHANGE.

You might think this makes no difference, right?

But a simple sharing of the hashtag could start a conversation and educate another person on the issue of fast fashion. A simple signature shows that you care about an issue that is effecting millions of people every-day. One signature is one voice heard, and for every signature your giving those who don’t have a voice, a better chance at gaining just even some human rights.

Grab one of your favourite pieces of clothing and check the tag…Where is it made? Do your research and see what you can find out about the company…see if they have transparency about their working conditions and overseas manufacturers!!


Let us know! This is all a start!

Also, if you feel more passionately about this movement, comment your thoughts on the post along with the hashtag #slowdownfashion and let’s show companies there is a rising need to produce clothes more ethically, as nothing will change if we don’t force the change! Companies are happy to exploit the everyday people, so we must support one another and support those who cannot do it themselves.


Are you going to ask fashion to slow down? #slowdownfashion

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