Fashion/Beauty Brands, Require On Set Hairstylists Be Trained in Natural Hair.

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Black, Natural Hair Models are forced to confront the harsh reality of wearing their Natural Hair on set.

Top fashion and beauty brands along with production companies hire hairstylists who have little to no skill in styling Natural Hair Models.

Black, Natural Hair Models are not compensated for having to do their own hair and receive the same pay, sometimes a lower pay than their White counterparts.  

As a result, Black Models are sometimes forced to style their own hair on set or rock a bad hair job which not only affects their self esteem but diminishes their Model performance. 

We are requesting Fashion Brands end Natural Hair Discrimination once and for all  by requiring Hairstylists on set to have Natural Hair training and certifications.

We are requesting production companies end Natural Hair Discrimination once and for all by only hiring Hairstylists who have proper Natural Hair skills.

The time for change is now,