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Farmington Schools Anti Self Defense Rule

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According to Farmington Public Schools, our children are not allowed to defend themselves when attacked by another student. My daughter was viciously attacked in school, being hit multiple times (at least ten times reported by the school and proved in video) in the face prior to attempting to defend herself. She received multiple injuries including a broken nose that may require surgical repair and multiple wounds to her face/head. The schools current policy implements suspension of not only the attacker, but the victim. That's right, my daughter was suspended after being attacked. Per Farmington High School Administration, any student involved in an altercation, even when defending themselves, will be suspended. So if your daughter is attacked by a male/female student and attempts to defend herself, she will be suspended according to this rule. We cannot teach our children to be victims. This attack was unprovoked. What will our children think as we suspend them for defending themselves? Will they grow up thinking that if a man attacks them, they should just take it? We should not be victimizing the victims. Please help me to gain signatures to petition the school board to change this rule. The victim should not be suspended from school in these instances. Victims do not choose to be victims, why punish them as if they had a choice in the matter! This rule violates her right to defend herself. Help me to change what we teach our kids. Violence is not the answer, but our children should be able to prevent themselves from sustaining injuries that could be permanently disfiguring or in some cases worse. To think of how much worse these injuries could have been had she not defended herself in some way is very scary as a mother. I do not want my child to be scared of the ramifications of defending herself. I intend to take this to the next school board meeting, and every meeting thereafter if that is what it takes to prevent this from happening again. 

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