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Farm Factory Undercover Whistleblower Videos--Saves the lives of children and elderly

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Enormous profits of Farm factories can easily bring filthy, unsanitary conditions leading to epidemics of food borne illnesses. The recent expose of SPARBOE farms include:

20/20 Reports Sarboe Farm's horrific filthy unsanitary conditions:

Six feet of chicken feces, dead rats and birds rotting in cages-it was due to Mercy For Animals whistle blowers' exposure that brought such to light protecting the welfare of the population. Imprisoning whistle blowers with such undercover videos not only protects horrendous animal cruelty, but endangers the lives of millions of consumers, particularly the elderly and children. NO amount of money is worth killing innocent children, the elderly (lethal to those age groups), and adults with food borne illnesses.

Videos in farm factories should be a normal routine practice, and not banned. Banning cameras means you have something to hide and is murdering the public with food borne illnesses.

Meanwhile, according to the CDC, food borne illnesses are expected to rise. How many more Americans shall die due to covering up the animal cruelty and filthy unsanitary conditions of farm factories, is an abomination to God.

"The number of recalled eggs by an Iowa Farm has skyrocketed to 380 million eggs, up from 228 million eggs on Wednesday. The recall includes eggs that were packed right up until two days ago."

Bottom line if the industry sells to the public, the consumer has a right to know; for this reason, I am Petitioning a proposal that videos should be a routine standard in farm factory practices to PREVENT the spread of food borne illnesses, and people should never be jailed for their acts of humanity for the welfare of children, the elderly and animals for exposing the truth.

Thank you.

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