Stop animal abusement

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People need to stand up to animal abusement.There are animals all over the world suffering just because their owners don´t care about them. Their owners don´t care and let them starve, freeze, suffer from illnesses, and go dehydrated. I will be telling you helpful ways to stop abusement, and also ways of animal abuse. The other side states that they would have pay a lot of money to take in that animal and vets visits would be outrageous.

My first reason to stop animal abuse is you can call animal service and report what you see. When you see an abused animal take it to a humane society. Keep it and try to feed it, give it water, care for it. These animals should not have to go through the pain and suffer just because the owner is can't raise it the right way. They should be treated just like the way you would want to be treated. They have feelings to, you know they can tell when you don't love them. The other side argues that they might not have enough money to take it. Well if you are driving and see an animal abused or hurt, it won't kill you to take it to the humane society, but it might kill the animal if you don’t.

My second reason is that it is now a felony if you are caught abusing an animal and you don't want to go to jail just because you made a bad choice and abused an animal. If you are abusing an animal you go to jail for about 1 year to 6 years. Even if you are neglecting your dog it is still a type of a abuse, this type is called neglect. Not caring for your animal is like not caring for your child. ¨Of course, the best way to fight cruelty is to teach as many people as possible how their pets should be treated-and what they should never do¨- according to Cesar's Way. The other side states that if you take it to a humane society then it might be to crowded and they might not take the animal. Also you might only have certain amount of time before that pet dies because there was no room. Well if your pet is hurt that bad then you should probably take it to a 24 hour emergency animal hospital.

In conclusion you should not abuse animals in any sort of way. You will go to jail if if you care caught abusing an animal. Don't be that person that just cares about themselves, make a change to this world. To help animals in need call (800) 582-5979 if you see any type of animal abuse or if you are even concerned that an animal is being abused. Help animals in need any time you can.



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