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Speak AGAINST FRACKING at the FARM AID Concert on Sept.22

We, family farmers and those of us who who eat their food, are deeply concerned about fracking for natural gas. We want safe water and air for our families, animals and crops. We don't want toxins whose names we can't pronounce, whose ill effects are being minimized, and whose early victims are already silenced by legal gag orders.
We appeal to the very soul of Farm Aid -- the organization dedicated to keeping the family farm alive -- to founder Willie Nelson, to Neil Young, to John Mellencamp and to Dave Matthews: On September 22nd, from the stage at the Farm Aid Concert in Hershey, PA, denounce the fracking of farmlands across the country, where the food that grows a strong America comes from. Say loudly and clearly what we all know to be true: Fracking threatens the American heartland, farmers livelihoods, and ultimately our lives.

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