Keep Woodrow Wilson High School in Fargo

Keep Woodrow Wilson High School in Fargo

September 20, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by Ask Yeshka


Woodrow Wilson High School is inclusive and did not contribute or promote "racism" or "systemic racism" in this country. The administrators, teachers and staff did not teach or instruct children to be "racists". There never was in the past or present any  teaching, discussions, conversations, or promotion of any racist ideology. When we speak of the centuries of Wilsonian culture it is not a culture of hate or racism. Woodrow Wilson was a moral and progressive man when he was alive.

There is nothing you can say or claim what the actions of Woodrow Wilson would have been or what he would have accomplished had he lived longer. Our historic figures were constantly changing. They were not static. Woodrow was not moved by anyone demonstrating, demanding, picketing, or protesting at the White House. No mob would direct  Woodrow Wilson to champion for any cause. He did not follow the actions of others if it was a moral issue. He was firmly against California's discriminatory legislation that prevented Japanese Americans from owning land. He made decisions based on his morality. He was unmoved at first by the suffragettes yet became a staunch advocate later.


President Wilson was horrified at the murders of President Madero and Vice President Pino Suárez and breaking from other countries and long-standing traditions to recognize de facto regimes Wilson refused. Woodrow Wilson would not recognize Huerta as the legitimate head of the Mexican government. His moral convictions that no country taken over by force or violence should be recognized was unyielding. Wilson's moral conviction was such that leaders of a country should be duly elected and chosen by the citizens residing of that country.

NEW: Sources are being removed for some of my links. I will try and update them with new links as they disappear. I find most disturbing is the removal from Netflix of "Teach us All" that had been available to watch for over four years. It does not align with the political movement of "BLM" which is the reason I believe it was removed.  

In 1921, the Wilsons retired to a comfortable home in Washington, where he died three years later. A highly respected figure in the society of the capital, Mrs. Wilson lived on to ride in President Kennedy’s inaugural parade. She died later in 1961: on December 28, the anniversary of her famous husband’s birth.

There is nothing you could say to disprove that Woodrow Wilson would not be beside his beloved wife riding in President Kennedy’s inaugural parade or standing beside Martin Luther King Jr sharing his dream and working to make that dream a reality. Mrs. Wilson and President Kennedy of blessed memory would never had stood by while Woodrow was so viciously attacked post-mortem.

There is nothing the entitled self-righteous bullies can do if we begin ignoring them. This is nothing more than mobbing and bullying. If you do not do what they demand they will label you a "racist" and if you do cave to their demand you are admitting that you contributed to "systemic racism" in this country. When any person or mob presents you with door "A" or door "B" it is incumbent upon all of those with power and every individual to act responsibly and create a third door and name it "C" as in C'ya later. Take the loud demand made to engage you emotionally claiming immediate action is needed "NOW or ELSE" under advisement. There is nothing that says you have to make any immediate changes. Be the calm and wise ones when facing mobs and bullies. These are trying times for all. Let them know you heard them and that you will consider the demands they have proposed and stop engaging with them. Tell them change can be done through intelligent conversation not from rioting in the streets.

To character assassinate a person who is no longer living is offensive to me. When history is taught and when Woodrow Wilson’s contribution to the world is conveyed to the children there is no agenda, hidden agenda, or implications of racism. President Woodrow Wilson made great contribution to the world. There are decades of Wilsonian moral values that are indeed worthy of admiration. He was a man of peace and was highly moral.

Woodrow Wilson's 14 Points. for peace. Woodrow Wilson was a man working toward high ideals because he cared for and about others. He made great contributions advancing the world forward  to make it a safer and more peaceful place for all of humanity. 

Wilson was nominated and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1919.

If you have time please consider looking at the UPDATES that have been posted

  1. “BLM is the group behind the demand to change a school name.”
  2.   "Education- The NAME of a school is not where our focus should be."
  3.  “Diversity & Inclusion”

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Signatures: 12,999Next Goal: 15,000
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