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Please give us both The Collective and Laramy Fisk

Dear FFG,

We appreciate the intent of the Plugged In tour - to give the community an opportunity to shape the future of Android Netrunner - and look forward to it.

The two identity cards we are choosing from - The Collective and Laramy Fisk - are cleverly created with very interesting abilities that we would love to have in the game. Additionally, they have wonderful artwork and great back-stories written.

And here-in lies the problem: They are both excellent cards we would like, so a vote for either is painful as its a vote against the other.

As there is no physical reason we could not have both identities printed as future cards, we the undersigned reject the false dilemma of having to vote for one or the other and instead humbly request that FFG accept our vote for BOTH to be released at some point.


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