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Give Yo Kai Watch Fans a Chance!

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In late 2015, fans of the Japanese hit Yo Kai Watch, were excited to see the series was getting a localization of the anime, games, and merchandise. The anime and games were delivered, but the Medals, on the other hand, are another story. The Base set medals, were made, with a ton of time between each series. Soon, after the fourth series, Hasbro said, "lets not make the rest!" and moved onto the Yo Motion. First of all, most of the medals cannot be found in stores, except for series 1. Series 2 and 3 were like trying to find a needle in a haystack hard. And series 4, was only buyable online. Some medals, were even country exclusives, making fans who wanted them have to import them and pay ridiculous amounts of money. 3 Medals were NEVER released, them being Everfore, Multimutt, and Cuttincheez. Everfore was supposed to come with the series 4 pages, but those never existed. So fans have loose medals just staying out. Then the Yo motion, got its first two series, almost a year and a half later, series 3 released in Spain. Whatever happened to this being an international deal? Hasbro doesn't care about the Fans or the satisfaction of their customers. All they do is want your cash in their pockets. They will keep doing this, unless we the fans show them were done with their ridiculous product release methods; because every time the Japanese toy market, Bandai makes something good, the fans internationally get screwed with Hasbro half-assing the job. So please, if you care about the future of Yo kai watch, dont forget to sign this petition. Every signature counts towards a better chance! :)

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