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WWE 2K18: Patch in 2K17 Women's Superstars Hair

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In WWE'2K18, many fans had expected to see hairstyles that were used in WWE'2K17 to be available for use for created wrestlers. In the previous installation of the game, we the creators were able to have an array of hairstyles to choose from the previous installation before that WWE'2K16 However, many were disappointed to find out that none were listed and that the assets did not make game for people to use to evolve their creations. This game has been hyped to be one of the greatest and it's a shame that not only is this a step backwards in terms of creation, but a disappointment that the assets are being potentially wasted and neglected. Creators have made such an effort to push how far one can use the already established parts in the game and are always excited to see what new parts become available so that the standard of creativity can reach it's full maximum potential. By signing this and spreading the word, we can at least raise our voices and let the developers know, that these parts are can provide nothing but positive outcomes for all fans of the game.It doesn't have to be available at launch given the time frame of when this was started and when the release of the game is (Early Access comes first essentially making the game ready at this point). Whether you're making a male or female superstar, everyone could benefit with having these. Why stop the tradition of making use of previous unused content now when the ball is still rolling? I thank you for taking the time to not only read this. but signing this petition should you choose to. Hopefully this can bring a nice and welcoming change to all creators.

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