Renew Insatiable for Season 2

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Insatiable has been called the following : 

"insufferable hot mess"

"worse then anyone could predict"

"netflix worst original tv series, by far"

But is it?

Beyond episode one we can see faults that start a conversation, they open them up. Without that not so much controversy would have begun. The beginning of the end to fat shaming starts with a show like this. That recognizes the true elements of bullying with over the top satire. Its fun, vengeful & crazy. Its dark, witty and at times yes there will be reference to fat shaming, there will be reference to homophobic's and that is not ok... but that is why its in there to open up a conversation and get people talking. Patty is the sufferer here, not the enemy. Dont pull her out of the story, be in it with her. Empathize, be patient and be ready because this story is full of some crazy shit. With a hell good finale that has us going omg. So renew Insatiable for season 2, Netflix. ♡