Bring back a cancelled cartoon series.

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I think the 2011 version of "Thundercats" was not given the opportunity to live up to its full potential by Cartoon Network.  The show ran for one season from 2011 to 2012 before low ratings and merchandising profits caused the network to cancel it.  Now, Cartoon Network has announced that a rebooted version of the series, titled "Thundercats Roar!" will be premiering in 2019.  This news, along with the trailer video released in May, has been met with overwhelming hostility by both franchise fans and members of the animation-watching public, as the latest show is vastly different from its predecessors in tone and artistry.  I feel that the trend of repackaging action-based cartoon properties as comedies aimed at much younger audiences has become overdone, and I know there are many others who share my opinion.  I hope that the "Thundercats" fans will join me in convincing Cartoon Network to revive the 2011 "Thundercats" and, ultimately, give it the continuation it deserves.