Fire the officials of the Lions at Packers game

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On October 14th, 2019, refball occurred once again. On a crucial 3rd and 4, Aaron Rodgers threw an incomplete pass, but a flag came out with illegal use to the hands by Trey Flowers. On replay, there is no reason as to why they threw the flag, Flowers wasn’t around Bakhitari’s neck or helmet. This call gave the Packers a crucial first down to run the clock out and get Crosby closer and then he kicked the game winning field goal. If the penalty wasn’t called, Crosby may have not made the kick. If he did, the Lions would’ve had some time to potentially drive down the field and try to win it. Now although both of those are hypotheticals, and may not have happened, the refs took away the chance for the Lions to potentially win the game. Screw the refs, they should be fired after this game. And I’m not a Lions fan, I started a similar petition after last year’s NFC Championship game. I just want refs to be held accountable for their mistakes.