Nominate Professor Heather Cox Richardson for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

Nominate Professor Heather Cox Richardson for the Presidential Medal of Freedom

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Started by mia marietta

Dear Mr. President:


Please accept this correspondence as a formal nomination/endorsement of historian Professor Heather Cox Richardson for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

This honor is bestowed upon persons whom, according to description, have made

“…an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, World Peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

For two years, Professor Cox Richardson has synthesized a tsunami of events, national and international, in salient and comprehensive detail, presented in organized and sensible fashion and tied to historical parallels lending to the overall awareness of the significance of what is transpiring in our country and abroad.

These efforts are produced nearly daily, along with semi-weekly live sessions discussing in-depth current events and specific eras within our short American history.

In doing so, Professor Cox Richardson has fostered an amazing, irreplaceable, astoundingly astute community of persons who are engaged, curious, compassionate, committed, earnest to protect our democracy, and rendered more soundly invested in a historical and present-day context for all that is so rapidly unfolding.

The service she has provided, continues to provide to this country cannot be overstated. Indeed, to describe her labors as “especially meritorious” minimizes the profound impact she has made upon her audience, the enthusiasm she has instilled and the tenacity she has reinforced.

Make no mistake, that secondary to an errant wasp (you are referred to the Facebook page of Heather Cox Richardson, November 25, 2021 for context), we are all deeply enriched, and ever grateful, and do hope you may agree and consider the pinnacle of awards for this highly regarded professor and human.

Yours in respect, with humble thanks.

1,174 have signed. Let’s get to 1,500!