Mike Hess Brewing is requesting an extension for their building permits

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mike Hess
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On March 16th, our business was ordered closed by the State of CA due to the coronavirus pandemic. For a while, it was unclear how long we'd be shut down, whether we'd survive as a business or be able to ever do what we loved to do again - make great beer, and provide a great venue for people to gather 'round. 

The City of San Diego extended all active permits automatically on March 19th for 180 days. The City of IB has not.

We have provided the City a new building schedule, now that we're mostly on the other side of COVID and will start some of the project in June (trees/sidewalk), some in July (the shipping containers!) and finish in Sept and Oct (sails and landscaping). Signing this petition simply states that you are in favor of the City extending our permits so that we can finish! 

Thank you for your support!